Main Door Security

January 29, 2019

This note is to inform all Catholic Center and Father Felix Varela Center directors and employees of a new policy for our entities.

On Wednesday, January 30 we will begin the implementation of the visitors process (including: sign in sheet and badging) at the front entrance of the Catholic Center. Fr. Felix Varela Center will follow its existing process.

Visitors coming in will show ID and sign in at the receptionist window.

  • Once badged, Diocesan or Parish visitors known to us as having frequent business in the Catholic Center (e.g., priests of the diocese, parish ministers, and Southern PC) will be permitted to go unaccompanied to the place of their meeting.hey will be issued a visitors badge and be allowed into the lobby
    • Visitors with infrequent or one-time business in the Catholic Center (including all first-time visitors, business reps, and contractors) will be personally escorted by a member of the department with which they have their business. The hosting department will send an escort to the front desk to accompany them.
  • After the meeting has ended, the visitor must be escorted back to the lobby so that the badge can be returned and accounted for by the front desk.
  • If they will use the front-desk badging, directors must provide a list of attendees to the Front Desk against which badges will be issued. The Front Desk will identify and badge attendees against the names on the list.
  • If they desire to use Hurley entrance badging, the organizing department will be provided a set number of badges and sign-in sheets and it will be incumbent upon the organizing departments to process in/out their visitors, collecting all badges and ensuring visitors are signed out. Please make it known to all attendees that they should park as close as possible to the Hurley outside door entrance.n the case of large-group meetings (e.g., principals and DRE’s) organizing directors must prearrange with the Front Desk how attendees will be processed and badged.

I realize that security is not a convenient aspect of the day to day around the Catholic Center yet it is a priority now and we must all accept the changes. Thank you all!

Joe Ariet


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